Introductory Remarks


Born Indian, it is for me the biggest pleasure and honor to help bring India and Germany together in achieving climate targets and become self-sufficient in their energy needs.

Our Vision and Mission

Partners in Green Hydrogen+

Our vision is to bring Germany and India together in solving the climate problems while satisfying the energy needs for both countries in the long run.


Our mission is to bring German technology and extensive know-how in green hydrogen to India.

This will enable Indian companies to enter the green hydrogen market on a larger scale including export opportunities to Germany/Europe.

Lili Navitas Team

Team of Experts

Kiran Bhojani

Founder & CEO

17 years Executive Vice President at E.ON

10 years Investment Banking

4 years Green Hydrogen


Gerd J. Lamers

Executive Director

15 years in Renewables

5 years in Green Hydrogen

Evaluated over 200 Green Hydrogen Projects – Worldwide


Jan Andreas

Anleg – Founder & CEO
+25 Engineers

30 years of Hydrogen experience

Green Technology Expert

Hydrogen Mobility Specialist


Sven Jösting

Associate Partner


Lucky Bagha

mechanical engineer

Lili Navitas Presentation

Germany and India → Partners in Green Hydrogen+


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Lili Navitas and Anleg can offer and implement complex H₂ ecosystems and complete H₂ value chains from a single source. This shows our customers completely new, fully thought-out, and sustainable perspectives.