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For over 30 years

Our goal is to design a sustainable, resource-conserving, economical and environmentally friendly energy supply that is not based on fossil fuels. 

We offer practical solutions to one of the most important problems facing humanity – climate change.

Argo-Anleg is our close technology partner and provides development and implementation of high-tech solutions in the field of hydrogen and hydrogen ecosystems. The energy supply and use of your company or project will be sustainable and fit for the future.

H₂ High Tech in Application

Lili Navitas / Anleg in the Green Hydrogen Value Chain

H₂ Technology

We contributes mature solutions for the H₂ economy. With Anleg in our corner we can cover the entire H₂ value chain: From electrolysers, piping and valve systems to cartridge and tank systems, filling stations and fuel cells.

H₂ Value Chains

Lili Navitas and Anleg can offer and implement complex H2 ecosystems and complete H₂ value chains from a single source. This shows our customers completely new, fully thought-out, and sustainable perspectives.



H₂-Pioneer Jan Andreas


Jan Andreas is a pioneer and trailblazer in hydrogen technology. He already worked in the 1990s on the hydrogen-powered propulsion systems of the Ariane rocket, a lighthouse project of the European Space Agency.


“Our focus is H₂ technology and concrete technical solutions for practical hydrogen problems.”


H2 Solutions

Mature hydrogen technology

From individual components to holistic H2 system integrations.  We cover the entire performance spectrum of modern hydrogen technology. We supply our customers with mature and proven individual components in H2 valve technology. We supply proven and ready-to-operate systems for the production, transport and use of hydrogen. But most of all, we like to plan and implement complex overall solutions for holistic H2 system integrations.
H2 valve technology
H2 tank systems
H2 filling stations


Stationary Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Argo-Anleg offers stationary hydrogen refueling stations ranging from 500 kg to 10,000 kg per day at pressures of 350 bar for commercial vehicles and up to 700 bar for passenger cars. Argo-Anleg GmbH has implemented a stationary hydrogen refueling station in Meckenheim for Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH. Fuel cell buses are refueled with 350 bar at the depot. The refueling station has been in operation since 2020.

anleg Portfolio

Successful hydrogen projects


Delivered solutions for our customers

Project List of the last years:

  • MAN Truck, Ursus-Bus, Daimler Truck, Volvo Truck
  • GM On Tank valve and Gas Handling Unit
  • Magna Steyr: Tanksystem B-Class
  • HDW: H₂ Submarine, ATI-Küste: Deep Sea – submarine
  • Mobile Filling Station 350 / 700 bar
  • Filling Station for hydride storage tanks
  • BZ-NRW: 700 bar J99
  • Proton Motor: Tanksystem for H₂ Bus, H₂ supply for Linde Fork Lifter
  • Hydrogenics: Fuel Cell Bus Components
  • DLR: Test Rigg components for Ariane Espace engine test rigg

ZBT Testbenches for H projects:

  • ZSW-Ulm:, Special differential pressure regulator for H2 of APU

Air Liquide, Air Products, Linde:

  • OPEL solutions for fuel cell driven cars: GHU / OTV
  • Symbio Fcell, Green GT, AUDI, VW, Volvo Car
  • Siemens Train: H₂ tank-system
  • FutureE,
  • Amsterdam Ship
  • Military Projects
  • MUV-Range Extender