How Lili Navitas will help your German Business to fulfill the Green Hydrogen demand in 2025

January 29, 2024

Video "...fulfill the Green Hydrogen demand." ➔ 1 min. by Kiran Bhojani

In a short video statement, the founder and CEO of Lili Navitas “Kiran Bhojani”, explains how Lili Navitas will help German Businesses to fulfill the Green Hydrogen+ demand in 2025.

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Written transcript of the video:

Kiran Bhojani:

“Ladies and gentlemen, moin aus Hamburg, Germany!

I’ve often been asked what Lili Navitas can do for German and European companies to meet the green ammonia requirements in the future. My answer is very clear: India! India has clear targets until 2030 to become one of the lowest cost producers of green ammonia in the future for export. Lili Navitas is very close to many companies and is willing to deliver huge quantities of ammonia in the future. At the same time German and European companies are willing to join Venture with Indian companies in India with that, Lili Navitas could help. So if you’re interested please get in touch with us!

Thank you”

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Lili Navitas and Anleg can offer and implement complex H₂ ecosystems and complete H₂ value chains from a single source. This shows our customers completely new, fully thought-out, and sustainable perspectives.